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The best LED display system certified for stability and performance used in world sports events

Face recognition is also possible when moving to and from buildings.

The pedestrian's face is recognized automatically and you can manage the access quickly and accurately.

  • Deep Learning based Face Recognition Algorithm developed by S1

  • Korea Internet Promotion Agency (KISA) accredited certification rate 99.9%

  • Various access options (card, face, face + card, etc.)

  • Fast authentication speed (400,000 registered users within 1 second

Increase efficiency

Enhanced Security

  • Preventing Lost Employee Identity Theft

  • Utilize biometric to enhance critical area security

  • Visitor blocking of information leakage by mobile device control

  • Remote deletion of mobile employee's certificate when smartphone is lost

  • Visitor mobile device blocking to prevent information leakage

  • Improving server efficiency with Cloud services

  • No bastard server required

  • Employee / visitor card issuance

  • Simplify Visa Application / Approval / Access

Improved convenience

  • Streamline the process of issuing employee certificates and shorten the period

  • Reduction of inconvenience

  • F-Pass Walk-through operation reduces access time

cut down the money

  • Reduced initial server deployment investment

  • Providing various services at the same cost level

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